Quick Cut Gasket & Rubber Corporation

Die Cutting of a Corrugated Plastic Display Sign for the Advertising Industry

At Quick Cut Gasket & Rubber Corporation, we are able to provide easy and accessible custom manufacturing of plastic products. Whether we are making signage, replacement parts, or mission-critical fittings, we always provide a high degree of quality and service, ensuring that your design conceptions become reality.

We were recently contacted by an advertising industry customer looking to manufacture plastic display signs from corrugated plastic material. Inexpensive and versatile, corrugated plastic signs are used for POP (Point of Purchase) and indoor/outdoor product displays. The customer came to us specifically due to our ability to perform all manufacturing in-house, a significant advantage that out local competitors did not have.

Manufacturing of the signs took place on a hydraulic cutting press designed for processing corrugated plastic. The customer's 24" by 32" signs were cut using a standard die. Using a press, as opposed to other cutting techniques, allowed us to not only accelerate production but also ensure a high degree of dimensional accuracy. Tightest tolerances were held at +/-.03".

The customer was very pleased with the end results; not one piece was returned rejected. Sizing accuracy was key in this project - signs too large would not fit in the customer's product displays. We continue to manufacture similar corrugated plastic signs, currently completing 20,000 pieces per year with order fulfillment one to two weeks on average.

Corrugated Plastic Display Sign Project Highlights

Project Name
Corrugated Plastic Display Sign
Project Description
These signs are used for POP and other consumer product displays.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Die Cutting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Hydraulic Cutting Press
Overall Part Dimensions
24" x 32"
Tightest Tolerances
+/- .03"
Material Used
Corrugated Plastic
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Visual Inspection
Industry for Use
20,000 pieces/year
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 - 2 weeks
Delivery Location
United States