• We have over 58 years of experience.
  • Our 5’x10’ Industrial CNC router can accurately cut a whole range of sheet materials.
  • Drilling, Pocketing and 2D cutting MDF, Plywood, Plastics, and Aluminium.
  • We offer amazing cutting rates.
  • Fast average Lead times and quotes.
  • Supplying parts worldwide

Our industrial CNC router cutting machinery can undertake all aspects of CNC cutting, drilling, pocketing, v-carving, profile cutting as well as edge drilling and slotting. 

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CNC routering and fabrication services of a wide range of materials for automobiles, trucks, furniture, and recreation products. In addition to routing and fabrication, Our router is capable of cutting profiles such as circles, straight lines, and designs out of sheet plastic, wood, composites, and laminates at a feed rate of 800” per minute.  Our CNC control capabilities and cutting skills (2D and 3D) are in addition to other manufacturing services such as drilling, trimming, patterning, and milling countertops, aluminum plates, sign letters, parts, and much more are all manufactured to tight tolerances of ±.005”. .  Quick Cut Gaskets CNC routers can produce from 1 piece to thousands of pieces. Our specialty production shop will deliver prototypes for testing as well. normal lead times on jobs are usually three to four days on new jobs, which are quoted on a job-by-job basis along with the material availability. DWG, DFX, and DXF file formats can all be used to guide our routers and fabrication equipment.




Plastic Sheets
Honeycomb Panels
Particle Board
High Density Polyethylene
Laminated Wood (Metal, Plastic or Wood)