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Heat Vulcanizing of a Rubber O-Ring for the Military Industry

At Quick Cut Gasket & Rubber Corporation, we manufacture high quality O-rings for commercial and industrial purposes. Our years of experience, combined with a state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, allows us to deliver a better rubber O-ring product, made to match your application requirements exactly. In the project highlighted here, this ability to answer to highly customized applications came through for a military-industry customer.

The customer, a manufacturer of land mine detectors, came to us for our ability to manufacture high-precision O-rings completely in-house and under short lead times. They required a 12.5" inner diameter, 0.070" thick O-ring made to specific application standards requiring tight tolerances, exceptional durability, and long life in hazardous weather conditions. Our advanced manufacturing process, which places an emphasis on testing and evaluation, was able to exceed these tough requirements.

We elected to use a clamshell heat vulcanizer for primary fabrication of the O-ring out of silicone. This combined approach would allow for reliable, fast fabrication without a high error rate. First article, in process, and final product testing were employed during the manufacturing process. Tightest tolerances reached +/- .04" - .05".

Upon delivery, the customer was completely satisfied with our mission-critical silicone O-rings. Despite the thousands of examples we delivered, not one was rejected for quality issues.

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Rubber O-Ring Project Highlights

Project Name
Rubber O-Ring
Project Description
These O-Rings are used in machinery that detects land mines.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Heat Vulcanizing
Finishing (Cleaning of the Seam Created During the Manufacture of the Part)
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Clamshell Heat Vulcanizer
Overall Part Dimensions
12.5" ID
.070" cross section
Tightest Tolerances
+/- .04" - .05"
Material Used
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
First Article, In Process, Final Product
Industry for Use
175,000 - 200,000/year
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 month
Delivery Location
United States
Standards Met
Print Standards