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CNC Cutting of a Rubber Cement Mixer Scraper for the Construction/Masonry Industry

At Quick Cut Gasket & Rubber Corporation, we make it easy to produce small parts, fittings, and tools for custom applications. Through our advanced manufacturing facility, we are able to deliver a combination of quality and value that is well suited for low or high volume production.

In the project highlight here, this capability helped out a construction customer looking for a complete production solution. The customer, a masonry specialist, was interested in manufacturing a rubber scraper used to remove cement from the sides of a rotating mixer. Although a simple device, production of the scraper would require an advanced production process in order to ensure high quality. The Neoprene rubber used could not be less than 70 durometer, and any cutting processes would require close monitoring for deformed scraper edges.

We elected to use automated CNC Machining for fabrication of the scraper, which provided very good accuracy, dependability, and high production speed. Peak tolerances were held at +/- .02" for the scraper, which had nominal dimensions of 3" by 14". First article, in-process, and final product testing were employed to filter out cutting errors and ensure that a high quality product was delivered.

The customer was ultimately very pleased with our work in this project. No scrapers were sent back due to defects or unsatisfactory performance. We continue to fabricate 4000 examples of this scraper monthly, operating on a one-week lead time. Our ability to perform all work in-house, as well as deliver an advanced level of testing and quality control allowed us to deliver a complete solution for this customer.

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Rubber Cement Mixer Scraper Project Highlights

Project Name
Rubber Cement Mixer Scraper
Project Description
This part is used to scrape the cement off of the sides of a mixer.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Cutting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Automated CNC Cutting Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
3" x 14"
Tightest Tolerances
+/- .02"
Material Used
Neoprene Rubber (70 - 80 Durometer)
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
First Article, In Process, Final Product
Industry for Use
4000 pieces per month
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 week
Delivery Location
United States